How to Check if a Builder in Cambridgeshire is Licensed and Insured

Are you looking for a licensed and insured builder in Cambridgeshire? You can easily find out if a contractor is licensed and insured by taking a few simple steps. You can check online, call 860-713-6110 or toll-free 1-800-842-2649, or ask if there are any complaints against the contractor. In Massachusetts, builders must obtain a license to build. The process involves having the right experience and passing the MACS exam.

As a licensed general contractor, you are responsible for obtaining all necessary building permits and ensuring that all building code requirements are met. This includes work done by subcontractors, so it's important to choose them carefully. In Kentucky, contractors of all sizes face different risks during construction. It's important to have an experienced insurance agent assess these risks and determine the necessary insurance coverage.

Cambridge Insurance can help contractors and builders assess their risks and insurance needs. In addition, all applicants must pass an exam to receive a license. A builder risk policy protects builders and contractors from material and financial losses in the event of an incident. A general contracting license is also required so that the general contractor company can offer compensation and liability insurance to its employees.