What Does a Builder Do? A Comprehensive Guide

Building is a complex and intricate process that requires the expertise of a professional. A builder is a construction professional who plans and oversees major construction projects for homes and other buildings. They are the essence of a construction site, responsible for planning sites for new custom homes, managing large scale renovations of existing buildings, overseeing demolitions, and completing property excavations. As a builder, you work with a team on projects, moving from one client to another when the work is finished.

You can be a permanent employee of a construction company or an independent builder. You can learn the trade from scratch, starting with simple tasks such as cleaning construction areas, delivering materials, helping, or watching other workers. You can specialize in a field once you have the basics, or simply continue learning varied and more complex construction phases. The builders' shifts are quite flexible and vary depending on the project, usually working 40 hours a week. The demand for builders is increasing due to the aging of the current workforce, to the point that soon 25% of the construction industry will be made up of women.

As a result of labor shortages, builders' salaries are also rising. We researched employers who employ builders and discovered their number of construction opportunities and their average salary. Many log and wood home builders use this formula, largely because there are so many unknowns in building houses with logs and wood.