Safety Measures Taken by Builders in Cambridgeshire

Construction sites can be a major source of pollution, such as noise, air pollution, dust and smoke. If not managed and controlled properly, they can have a negative impact on local health and environment. McCarthy has implemented key indicators and observation-based programs to ensure a safe workplace and has outperformed the industry by a wide margin for more than a decade. The Cambridge Shared Planning Service allows anyone to participate in metropolitan area-based projects.

These projects must have been recently completed (within the last 5 years) to meet the evaluation criteria. People Award candidates must work in the construction industry or related professions in the Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire area. A. has been building greenhouses, greenhouses and garden rooms in the greater Cambridgeshire area for over 30 years.

At the start of the project, customers must name the builder so that they have enough time to plan the work and identify any health and safety risks. The People Awards recognize the accomplishments of people working in the construction industry or related fields in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. Similarly, when a small builder hires or appoints someone to carry out construction work, they must make sure that the person has the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and training to carry out the work safely or is in the process of obtaining them.