What Types of Building Materials are Used by Builders in Cambridgeshire?

Construction companies accredited by the Federation of Master Builders and the NHBC specialize in quality residential construction. Portland was used in several schools and administrative buildings, such as the Cripps building at St John's College in 1967.Cast iron was a popular choice for building construction in the 19th century, but its use has been surpassed by steel. In 1559, building stone recovered from the Cambridge Greyfriars, which had been abandoned 21 years earlier, was brought in. Overton Builders was established in 1985 and has since completed many projects, including new construction.

In a contract for the Legge building dated 1618 with the builder John Atkinson, there are numerous references to the use of limestone and white wood. Today, builders in Cambridgeshire use a variety of materials for construction projects. Steel is a common choice due to its strength and durability. Concrete is also widely used for its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Brick is another popular option due to its aesthetic appeal and fire resistance. Wood is also used for its natural beauty and insulation properties. When selecting building materials, builders must consider factors such as cost, durability, sustainability, and aesthetics. It is important to choose materials that are suitable for the project and will last for many years.

The right materials can help to reduce energy costs and improve the overall look of the building.