What Types of Materials Do Builders in Cambridge Use for Their Projects?

The granite-covered highlands of Dartmoor National Park (United Kingdom) have provided abundant resources to the first settlers, who used loose granite rocks to construct circular huts during the Neolithic and early Bronze Age. This type of stone was also used throughout the medieval period and into modern times. Slate is another type of stone that is commonly used as roofing material in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. In the construction industry, the term 'construction products' often refers to prefabricated particles or sections made from various materials that are used in architectural and decorative hardware pieces.

For example, a contract for the Legge building dated 1618 with builder John Atkinson mentions the use of limestone and white wood. Over time, construction materials have evolved from being natural to man-made and composite; from biodegradable to imperishable; from local to global; from repairable to disposable; and from being chosen for fire safety and seismic resistance. Compressed earth blocks are a more modern type of brick that is widely used in industrialized societies, since building blocks can be manufactured off-site at a centralized location in a brick factory and transported to various construction sites. If you are looking for a builder in Cambridge to build your reform, extension or new construction, Inti Construction is an excellent choice.

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